Article Critique

An article critique is used to judge the writing caliber of a particular author. There are some important aspects which need to be studied before you begin writing. If you have not written critical analysis paper in the past, these aspects carry a higher level of importance for you. First of all, critically analyzing something does not mean degrading the efforts of the author. Instead, you need to extract the good and bad points of the written content. However, these pros and cons cannot be written without strong reasoning. If you think that something has been poorly written, you need to develop a backdrop reasoning for it so that the reader can be convinced about your judgment. Do not mention points about any factor without a justification.

A piece of content does not belong to any author until he has not written it from scratch. If you are copying content written by anyone else, you are committing the disreputable act of plagiarism. Some writers take this risk deliberately expecting that they would not be scanned and checked. Do not take any such chances as it would create an unmanageable situation for you.  Well known academic institutions are very particular about their reputation and they simply disqualify the student if there any chances of a plagiarized article critique. In addition to that, you can use your own checking system to extract all the errors. Download a cost free application from the internet and use it to check your paper if you have any doubts.

Writing content from scratch is very different as compared to judging content which has been written by someone else. In an article critique, you need to perform this judgment related task. First of all, get your hands on an article which has a critical flavor. It should provide two contrasting angles on a single point. Both these angles should not point in the same direction. Explore each of these angles and then judge the effort invested by the writer. However, you cannot jump on the judgment statement immediately. Create a brief base for the reader so that he can understand the judgment. Let’s have a look at some other factors related to writing this article critique. Your judgment should be dependent on personal likes and dislikes. In other words, your content should be related more to the facts mentioned in the article.